Americans for Prosperity is sending absentee ballots to WI Democrats with late return date


These people are so low that if you lifted a rock, dug down 100 miles, TNT'd away another few thousand miles, ended up on the other side of the planet, and kept going into the universe, you'd still never attain enough low-itude to find them.

Americans for Prosperity are a Koch brothers front group, for those who are unaware of that little factoid. They are union-busting, middle class-destroying, corporate-loving sleazebags.

Need proof? Politico provides it:

Americans for Prosperity is sending absentee ballots to Democrats in at least two Wisconsin state Senate recall districts with instructions to return the paperwork after the election date. [...]

The absentee trickery comes just as AFP has purchased $150,000 in ad time in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison to boost GOP candidates.

They must feel they have something to worry about, and with good reason.

Pdf. of the flier in question here:

The elections are on August 9th.

They've pulled this kind of thing before.

  • BCW

    MAKE SOME NOISE!!  CALL and tell them that we don't believe their lies, and that tricking people out of voting properly is positively UN-AMERICAN. (I just did and the kid on the phone read from his talking points and told me about the "typo".)Americans For ProsperityPhone: (703)-224-3200Toll Free: (866)

  • SwiftyMorgain

    We have a Republican in Maine who is Hideing University Of Maine Vans to keep college kids from voting!

    He is also accuseing "college kids " for voter fraud!

  • PatriotM

    Republican = No morals, anti-American, anti-Democracy felons!

  • Looking for fraud in elections? Here it is. It's not someone trying to vote twice or someone voting when they are not eligible. Why won't the GOP ever offer a bill to crack down on this type of fraud? Because they are the ones committing the fraud. Someone should go to jail and pay huge fines for something like this. 

  • Anonymous

    These should be turned over to the Justice Dept.  It's called voter tampering.

  • Angry_as_Hell

    Funny how you never hear about Dems ever pulling this kind of heinous crap.