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Video Overnight Thread- 1950s FDA Medical Quackery PSA


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AZ GOP raffles Glock as fundraiser; same gun type used to shoot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head.


"Get yourself a new Glock, just like the one Jared Lee Loughner used in his murders and attempted assassination! We need the money! Tell a friend!"

I don't even know what to say. This Moment of Extremely Bad Taste and Insensitivity is brought to you by Pima County Republicans. Who else, right?

Via HuffPo:

An Arizona Republican fundraiser is offering as a prize the same type of gun used in the attempted assassination of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. [...]

Arizona Republicans surely know just how effective this particular brand of gun can be. After all, it was only eight months ago that Jared Lee Loughner used a Glock 19 in Tucson - the seat of Pima County - to shoot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head. [...]

Congresswoman Giffords' office had no comment, according to Interim District Office Coordinator Rodd McLeod.

Here is the PDF the of newsletter.

Here is who should never win another election again, ever:


AUDIO: You say Cheney, I say A**hole...


The next 16 seconds are brought to you by my friend, my radio host, my fellow snarkette, blogger, and all around smart cookie, Nicole Sandler:

Please click over and read her post after you stop laughing.


Rick Perry has "done something that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney could do: wake up the left."


Politico makes the point that Rick Perry, of all people, has lit a very belated fire under-- wait for it-- the Democrats. Someone had to.

They note that he has "done something that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney could do: wake up the left." I long for the days when candidate Obama did the same thing; I wish he could rekindle.

But I guess we owe Ricky one. He managed to panic us out of our political coma:

[A] wave of alarm [is] centering around Perry's drawling, small-town affect and stands on core cultural issues such as women's rights, gun control, the death penalty, and the separation of church and state."

Great. We finally got inspired again, but this time it was by a right wing dim bulb religious extremist with a hankerin' for corn dogs instead of dreams of hope and change.