Guess the Quote: "I don't think we've been hurt at all."


"I don't think we've been hurt at all."

Who said it?

Why, none other than Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), on Face the Nation (via Politico). According to the Turtle, the GOP is Teflon when it comes to the debt ceiling debate. In fact, everyone's been hurt, especially we the people.

Speaking of we the people, the BushCo tax cuts should be allowed to expire (that would be on December 31, 2012) of course; it looks like the Big Tax Cut Expiration fight is set to be in full swing during the '12 presidential campaign. That would be about the time that very wealthy anti-tax people will be donating huge amounts of money anonymously to the GOP. And by "people" I mean corporations.

Timing is everything.

Here's Digby's take:

Ezra's funny this morning:

Next year’s deadline offers Democrats their only chance to negotiate from a superior strategic position. Republicans will still be able to refuse to raise taxes. But if they do, it won’t matter. The only way they can succeed in keeping taxes from rising is if the Obama administration and the Democrats stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Lol. Like that could ever happen.

  • Mike

    OH.  And the economy will likely be in the tank, and we all know you never raise taxes in a tough economy.

  • Mike

    Don't forget that the Bush tax cuts while very favorable to the rich, also included lower rates for lower and middle class too.  Does anyone really think Obama would allow sustained attacks from the right that "Obama is raising taxes on the middle class and poor"!?  And the odds of Obama being able to peel off just the rich cuts ....... zero.  Obama is on the record that the bush cuts would be history and allowed to expire.  Now he's suggesting it's a bargaining chip.  The guy is unbelievable .. brains of John Quincy Adams, oratory skills of JFK, economics of Hoover and negotiating skills of Carter (quote stolen).

  • by "Turtle" you meant Mitch?. yes I see the resemblance. but why does the Turtle need to wipe? he never flushed nor pick the lid-up, soup is fine , pass the clicker will you,,