VIDEO: Lawrence O'Donnell bans deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh from "The Last Word"


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Stellar. And overdue.

Joe Walsh is one of the most obnoxious hypocridiots in all of GOPland.

  • Anonymous

    Yea.  I know.  

  • It's MSNBC... they sponsor all the shows.

  • Anonymous

    I find it irritating that ExxonMobile advertises on Lawrence O'Donnell.  

  • Republicans kings of douchebaggery. How come for republicans "family values" is only concerned with the MAN'S issues, and then not really issues but just getting over. Asset hiding, deferment (or just out and out ignoring) of payments, custody and or removal of children from his responsibility. It's like if you refuse to put up with their or one of their buddies stupidity you deserve to be punished.  If you get traded in for the new model why she he have to be required to make continuous payments on the old one.

    I am not saying there are no abuses at all of the child support system but I (personally) think it's better to pay up front and be reimbursed than to punish your kids as if somehow you are doing the right thing. I would say I HOPE his colleagues in the house and republican party would do something about that but ahem, we all know that ain gonna happen.

  • Rick

    I guess he also thinks government is too big . . . especially the family courts. 

  • Marnie

    It is not the baning that matters it was the panning. 

    Well done and well earned.

    Maddow's show got him as well but not as loudly.

    Hopefully this will keep more than a few moms who husbands are punishing her by depriving his own children, and the dads who do care about their children from voting for him next time around.