BREAKING NEWS: House passes a bill that will die in the Senate! UPDATE: It died in the Senate.


What a waste of time. Compromise schmompromise. Via a CNN email alert:

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to pass Speaker John Boehner's plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling and implement sweeping cuts in government spending.

The plan now goes to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he has the votes to table the measure, effectively killing it. Reid is planning to spend the weekend pushing what top Democrats insist is a more centrist piece of legislation.

Boehner had scheduled a vote on the bill on Thursday but canceled it after he was unable to line up enough GOP votes. On Friday, Boehner tried to make the plan more appealing to conservatives by including a provision requiring congressional passage of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution before the debt ceiling is extended through 2012.

The federal government will hit its debt ceiling on Tuesday and without congressional action will be unable to meet some of its financial obligations.

The vote was 218-210, with 22 Republicans voting against the The Boehner's debt plan and no Democratic support. It increases the debt limit by $900 billion.



I tweeted this commentary earlier: Explanation for collective Republinsanity: They all hit their heads on the debt ceiling. #CeilingWhacks

'Nuff said.

UPDATE: Here are the 22 who voted No.


The Senate has rejected the debt-ceiling plan that was backed by House Speaker John A. Boehner and approved earlier today by the House of Representatives.

Lawmakers will now work this weekend to devise a debt-ceiling plan that could pass both houses of Congress before a potential federal default.

More soon at

The vote was 59-41.

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