VIDEO: Sen. Pat Roberts fantasizes about playing basketball, talking taxes with President Obama


Um... okay. Today's WTF Moment, via The Hill:

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) on Tuesday described in detail an imaginary basketball game he would play with President Obama in which he would explain why he thinks it’s unfair to single out the aviation industry for tax hikes. [...]

“He would probably go to the left corner and sink a three about that time, and I would want to emphasize…that he…seems to be fixated on one specific industry [...]

“And then after I shot and missed it and I would say ‘your ball again, Mr. President,’ I would say as he was trying to drive around me rather successfully, ‘the truth is that these aircraft actually serve as an essential business tool…’” [...]

Roberts story carried on in a similar colloquial style for about 20-minutes and included several elements of basketball including dribbling, Obama stealing the ball, the president “spot [ting] him 10,” a free shot, a hook shot, and the senior senator from Kansas giving the president a “sort of nudge” when he got under the bucket and the president throwing a “sharp elbow” that resulted in a foul.

Hey, whatever dribbles your balls.

The preceding WTF Moment was brought to you by the Party of WTF.