Whistleblower "Bunny" Greenhouse wins nearly $1 million settlement in case involving Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root


Today's Moment of Happy comes from WaPo. I'm not sure why it's being overlooked; this is the first I've heard about this outcome:

After years of fighting the government, Bunnatine (Bunny) Greenhouse, a whistleblower who was demoted after exposing problems with a sole source contract related to the invasion of Iraq, has won an almost $1 million settlement. [...]

Beyond the particulars of her situation, Greenhouse said her case makes it “loud and clear that federal employees need better laws” to protect them if they engage in whistleblowing.

The Greenhouse settlement with the Army Corps of Engineers closes a high profile government whistleblowing case that involved a Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root. [...]

...Greenhouse said her working conditions had deteriorated to the point that someone rigged a trip cord in her office last year, causing her to fall ...

And this isn't making the rounds. Unbelievable. President Obama's "Look forward, not backwards" doesn't work in legal cases, considering every crime ever in the history of time was committed... in the past.

  • For the Tens of Thousands of Government Whistleblowers that have suffered egregious retaliations even worse than Bunny Greenhouse and NEVER received ANY protections or restitution, THEY deserve the Recognition of True Public Servants and True American Heroes who stood up against corruption and PAID the ultimate price.  

  • First, this was NOT a "sole source" and even the Washington Post uses the term “no competition” rather than “non-competitive” contract to hide the fact that the original KBR contract was competed but so unattractive and fraught with risk that KBR was the ONLY company to bid on it.  Additionally, at the time KBR was probably the only company that had the expertise to successfully perform the LOGCAP mission.
    Ms. Greenhouse, the wife of a retired Army Colonel, was a fine civil servant that proves the “Peter principle.”  She was a GS-15 at what is now Army G-6 (then DISC4) handling (DOD 5000) administrative acquisition oversight of automated information systems, when she was selected to be the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) at the Corps.  Her Army position was Acquisition Oversight and did not include contracting or procurement.  Without any background in construction contracting she was thrust into an area for which she had no training, background nor aptitude.  Regardless, as an SES she was expected to be able to perform without additional training because she had now reached the pinnacle of Government Service.  Unfortunately, she did not succeed and never gained the respect of the Corps professionals she was supposed to support through her contracting expertise.  Her office became known as a bottleneck for contracts.
    Unfortunately, this part of the back story will never be told by reports because they will never dig deeply enough into it understand it nor do they have the motivation.  Their agendas are obviously to smear the Corps of Engineers and vindicate a whistleblower but if they were a real investigative reporter they would report the whole story without the bias.
    As an aside, the patron saint of KBR was actually former President Lyndon Johnson who was responsible for saving the Brown & Root Construction company in the 1930s to help his main political backers, George and Herman Brown.  Google “the Congressman from Brown and Root” or read Robert Caro’s renown LBJ bio Path to Power to understand how instrumental he was in building the company and they were  LBJ’s main contractor for construction in his Vietnam War.