Video- Hardball: Sane Republican Bruce Bartlett explains where the deficit comes from


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Sad that I have to preface Republican with "Sane" these days.

  • Richard Wilson

    a Republican was the most progressive prez we ever had:TR....another was the Abe Lincoln for the American Indians:Nixon....not all of us are wing nuts...and no, I wont vote this coming year, theyre all frickin crazy....except Roemer

  • Jdlaw27

    Sounds like you have the uneducated "made up" Schtuff problem here.  What is made up about the fact that we would be better off even under the Reagan era tax code than we were with the Bush era tax code?  ... that the tea party republicans fight for only because they signed all those stupid "pledges" with the political action committees ("PACs") they took millions from to win their "misinformation" way into congress.​tch/mon-july-25-2011/armadebtd​on-2011---nonfiction-captain-a​merica 

  • This guy is clueless. His remarks on the Ways and Means Committee Hearing were far from factual... making things up as he goes along. He is another old politician trying to validate himself among a populace evidently too uneducated to know the difference. Very sad for this country indeed.

  • Buddhaboy

    I guess this would pass for the 'reasoning' we could expect once we eliminate all those bad bureaucracies. The only thing missing from your (il)logic is the typical nod to the right of gun ownership as a panacea for all things problematic. If you really believe what you write, move to Mexico where it already exists.

  • Ann

    Republicans knowingly got in bed with the Tea Party. Just because when they woke up and realized the Tea Party was batshit crazy does not excuse them from guilt in this mess. They collectively chose to screw over the USA and I hold all "republicans" equally guilty.

  • Libya, with no ground troops, is a rounding error compared to Iraq and Afghanistan. Obamacare has not even begun yet, so whatever its effect on the economy might be has yet to be seen. Turning energy policy over to BP and ExxonMobil is unlikely to help our national debt, our deficit, or our personal wallets. And g*d help us if we cease at least TRYING to educate our kids in a responsible, national, way. If you think the economy sucks now, wait until we raise a generation educated by those who don't believe in science (intelligent design not evolution, no climate change, etc.) let alone math and economics (trickle down theory) or history (forget what happened under Bush 43, that might as well have been a century ago). Here is a REPUBLICAN who served in the Bush 41 and Reagan administrations (and thus not likely to be a closet liberal) pointing out what should be obvious and yet you seem sufficiently brainwashed by the Koch Brothers astroturf Tea Party movement &/or such a bad case of Obamaphobia that you cannot face the reality of the situation. Listen to this again, maybe something will slip past the filters you've erected and actually register.

  • The Flash

    SO, I guess that the "war" in Libya isn't costing anything, right?  I guess Obamacare isn't costing anything either, right?  Let's face it, Dubya was a moron who did what he was told by his handlers, but he is GONE!  Now, we have Obama, who also does what he's told by HIS handlers, who sees nothing that can't be solved by even more excessive spending.  Continuing to blame Bush for Obama's current lack of leadership will get us nowhere.  We need wholesale elimination of entire federal bureaucracies, like the failed Dept. of Energy, the unneeded Dept. of Education, and the elimination of the IRS in favor of the Fair Tax.  Show the people that you REALLY want to reduce spending and the deficit, and maybe they'll be more amenable to a tax increase.

  • Anonymous

    "Sane" Republicans are on the endangered species list.  Oh yeah, the ones we have now tried to eliminate that list.

  • wow, i might actually like Republicans again if we get more people like this guy.

  • "stupid, crazy, CRAVEN COWARDS" damn what did Boehner do to him? oh wait he was talking about all house republicans not just the speaker lol, it's funny to me how REAL republicans view these hacks in the house who have dared to corrupty their treasured party.

    If a lobbyist or radio show host really wants to prove that a MAJORITY of the people agree with them they should run for office so that we can enjoy their shellacking publicly.

  • Paddy, thank you. This made what was otherwise a marginal day pretty darn good. It feels good to be validated for what I have been saying for years.

    Jeff Wilfahrt, Rosemount, MN