Eric Cantor: "The debt limit vote sucks."


Call the Wahhhmbulance! Eric Cantor was tantruming and sulking and poopy-pants inconsolable in a closed door meeting with his fellow whiners. Okay, I exaggerated; he wasn't inconsolable:

Washington (CNN)- "The debt limit vote sucks," the Virginia Republican declared directly to members during the House GOP conference meeting, according to two sources behind the closed doors. [...]

...Boehner admitted to reporters that not everyone in his party is falling into line.

As my Twitter pal @cbn2 tweeted:

Now @SpeakerBoehner himself is getting an idea of how it feels to try compromise w GOP caucus. No better luck than @BarackObama.

Michele Bachmann opposes the Boehner plan because it raises the debt ceiling. She'd rather see her own country, among others, suffer even more than it already has. She must not be one of those old-fashioned compassionate conservatives. She's much hipper and hepper and more modern than that, and like, totally into despair and poverty. Go Michele! USA! USA!

Moving on:

And Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who heads the group of fiscal conservatives in the House and is opposed to Boehner's proposal, said Tuesday that right now the speaker's proposal can't pass with just Republican votes: "I am confident as of this morning there were not 218 Republicans in support of the plan."

Gee, don'tcha hate when that happens? Now you know how the Dems feel when you block everything that comes your way.

But Cantor praised Boehner in the meeting, the sources said, saying he did an amazing job and that conference is behind him 150 percent.

Except for that not-218 vote count thing.

Yeah, yeah, Cantor, kiss Boehner's orange hiney now, then throw him under the bus. You know, business as usual.

Ironically, Cantor told House Republicans who were critical of the plan was "to stop grumbling and whining and to come together as conservatives and rally behind the speaker and call the president's bluff."

He should take his own anti-kvetch advice.

  • David G.

    I am amazed that the republicans still put Bachmann out there as someone of respect and knowledge, with the possibility that she will lead their party... Now both Boner and Cantor are idiots, but not mentally challenged like Bachmann -- it must be eating them up inside to have to kowtow to a blithering jerk like her... Wait until she gets the nomination... Then you'll see some maneuvering by both parties to paint her as what she is -- stupid. 

  • Ordinarily, I love it when GOP'ers eat their own, but not now. Raising the debt ceiling is too important.

  • "Call the president's bluff." "Make him a one-term president." "See this man fail." "Working with jello." "Kenyan"  "Muslim" "Socialist" "AntiAmerican"

    This has been going on for 2 years, and they want us to believe now that THEY are the ones "listening to the American people" and trying to solve America's problems?  Right. The only problem they want to solve is getting the man-in-white-house OUT....without looking bad.