Head of Democratic Caucus: No revenues in deficit deal, no Dem votes


The BushCo tax cuts should expire and go away. Shoo! At the very least, the tax bonuses for the wealthy should, because, see GOPers-- and read my lips here-- all deficit plans being considered pale in comparison to simply letting Bush tax cuts expire in '12, which saves $5.4T over 10 years.

That little factoid was from Think Progress.

But since the GOP is hell bent on making President Obama a one-termer, facts don't matter. Then again, when it comes to the Party of No, did they ever?

Via Roll Call:

Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) suggested House Republicans would get no Democratic help if the final package includes only spending cuts and the promise of new revenues later. [...]

Larson on Friday renewed the call from Democratic leaders that cuts in entitlement benefits have no place in the current debt-ceiling debate. He did leave the door open, however, for ... a hike in the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security – as part of a later discussion on deficit reduction. 

"People are living longerand people are leading healthier lifestyles," he said. "This is something that's got to be certainly on the table in terms of discussion" in the future.

That's not really a positive, John. The living longer part is, but longer and healthier? That's another story. There are plenty of people who lead healthy lifestyles, but they are not necessarily immune to, say, diabetes or cancer. Nor does it prevent them from a bout with debilitating arthritis or other nagging ailments that interfere with being able to hold a full-time job. Speaking of which, who says older people would even get hired or be able to hang on to their jobs?

Larson is pushing for a clean debt-ceiling bill, which House Republicans don't want. He fully recognizes that GOP leaders are holding the debt-ceiling deal "hostage" with the ransom being more cuts. And more. And more.

"How does cutting more … help put people back to work? I don't think it does," Larson said.

I don't think so either. You know why? Because they don't. By the way, Speaker of the House Boehner, when do you plan on introducing a jobs bill anyway? You managed to assault women's reproductive rights immediately, but jobs? Not so much.

Larson also got frustrated with only House leaders being involved in the debt negotiations, while other members are unaware of pertinent details that could help them, and us, understand what the heck is going on:

"[It's] all confusing to the people on the outside, but I dare say, equally confusing to members here."

President Obama has talked about extending the payroll tax holiday for another year. House Dems are split on that one, because they're concerned, and rightly so, that Social Security benefits would suffer as a result.

"From a policy standpoint, and for the preservation of Social Security, this raises concerns [about] whether or not the money's going to be there.

Happy days are here again.