Grover Norquist sides with Obama on raising debt ceiling beyond 2012


The idea of so much as nodding in agreement when it comes to anything Grover Norquisty gives me the creepy crawlies. Nothing could feel more unnatural. However:

(CNN) -- The head of a conservative group that has backed a high-profile pledge to oppose any tax increase told CNN on Friday that he would support effectively lifting the debt ceiling through the 2012 presidential election. [...]

"I assume it's a disaster," Norquist said of defaulting on the nation's debt, which would happen unless Congress takes action by August 2. "There's no reason to assume otherwise. It is gambling with the economics of the country."

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day blahblahblah. And speaking of disasters, Grovey...

Norquist thinks voters should be able to Yea or Nay candidates at the ballot box, voting for those who either want major cuts or who prefer both cuts and tax hikes. I'm sure that's because he's comfortable with those spiffy Diebold voting machines. Oh, but I kid the Grovester.

Nevertheless, he is correct, defaulting would be a disaster, although I'm not sure why he calls that an assumption when everybody but the tea partisans has pretty much stipulated to that.

I need a shower.