Quickie- Washington state cancels illegal immigrant reporter Jose Antonio Vargas' license


I'm sure the haters are happy.

Washington state has canceled the driver's license of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who publicly said he is an illegal immigrant.

Department of Licensing spokeswoman Christine Anthony says officials opened an investigation after Jose Antonio Vargas' essay about his background was published in the New York Times Magazine. He wrote that he obtained a driver's license in Washington.

Anthony says an investigation concluded Vargas wasn't residing at the address he provided to the Licensing Department. The agency sent Vargas a letter requesting proof of residency, and the letter was returned.

  • Clancy

    It was brave of him to basically out himself, but I wish he'd been more careful in doing it. Next time, he should make certain to "live" with a friend who'll accept his mail from the government.

    BTW, I love that Washington does the right thing and doesn't give a rat's ass what your immigration status is (at least when it comes to driving). Mostly, this is because the farmers, orchardists, and vintners control the eastern portion of the state and would throw a fit if the state cracked down on undocumented workers. The plus side is that it ensures that there is greater compliance with the state's insurance requirements for drivers. This means that if an undocumented worker is in an auto accident, since they're a documented driver, they don't flee the scene of the accident. Thus, they do right by whomever they're in an accident with AND keep everyone else's insurance rates low.