2006 Flashback: Marcus Bachmann Acts as Michele's Sometime Stylist


H/t to Towleroad for linking to this 2006 Chicago Tribune article. Posted without comment:

[Michele] Bachmann, 50, describes her style as "classic with a snap." [...]

Shopping help comes from another quarter, as well. Before Vice President Dick Cheney's visit this past summer, Bachmann's husband, Marcus, hit the stores -- "he's got a good sense of style" -- and came home with "a sleek, simple hourglass dress with a yoke collar in winter white." He even bought a matching coat and shoes. "I just slipped it on." [...]

Her election to the Minnesota State Senate compelled the 5-foot-1 Bachmann to "take a little more care with how I looked."

Speaking of Mr. Michele:

Since Steve brought it up, can you pray migraines away? Or if you're not fond of someone, can you pray migraines onto them?

  • Yelphets

    God help me, I'm starting to feel a bit of pity for her. It seems very likely that a prolonged campaign is going to see this couple shredded. I know that they've made it their lifelong business to shred other people's lives - but I'm not going to enjoy watching this.

  • David G.

    He's Gay.  Admit it an move on... That's not a sign of disgrace, but honor.  Yet he won't yet accept it because his wife is such a moron.  DG

  • DFS

    LOL, Marcus gurrrl that is a cute outfit you put together honey.....