Guess who once supported the largest tax hike in Texas history... Rick Perry.


Let's see now, what do we know about Rick Perry?

Well, He's holding a Big Prayer Meeting in August, whose "Apostles" are just a tad off their rockers.

He has a government job, yet claims government doesn't create any jobs.

He has no qualms about making tasteless jokes at the expense of his audience.

He wants to run for the highest office in the U.S., the very country he wants his state to be no part of.

His economic record sucks harder than a hungry litter of puppies.

He's against women's reproductive rights.

He's not too fond of gay Americans.

He wants to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments.

He's no fan of separation of church and state.

He claims that President Obama is "exporting abortions."

He thinks it's okay to text while driving.

And he's out of touch enough to think people can follow him on something called Tweeter.

Oh, and he previously said he doesn't want to be president of the United States... Under any circumstances. Oops.

Now Think Progress reminds us that Ricky was a *gasp!* Democrat who had nothing against raising taxes, once upon a time:

Before switching to the GOP to run for Agriculture Commissioner in 1990, Perry was a conservative Democrat in a state still dominated by the Democratic Party. Journalist Jay Root notes that at the time, Perry was a true fiscal conservative and supported the largest tax hike in Texas history in order to balance the budget:

But Mr. Perry cast some votes and took a few stands that seem to be at odds with his fiscal conservatism today. The most vivid example is his support of the $5.7 billion tax hike in 1987, signed by Gov. Bill Clements, a Republican, opposed by most Republican members. The bill passed the House by a 78-70 vote.

Even without adjusting for inflation, the legislation triggered the largest tax increase ever passed in modern Texas, said Dale Craymer, president of the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association. Today, taking inflation into account, it would be worth more than $11 billion.

Oops squared.

Rick Perry: Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.