America's Murdoch problem


Tim Rutten's L.A. Times op-ed about how "it would be outrageous if the U.S. ignored allegations that an American company used our territory as a haven from which to subvert the laws and democratic processes of Britain" is worth a read.

What Rupert Murdoch has done to journalism is a crime in and of itself. The latest revelations lay bare crime in the literal sense. But the propaganda and lies, the substandard storytelling by substandard on-air personalities, the smears and power grabs, all are unforgivable. PR firm-induced apologies just won't cut it.

The first excerpt sums up the sick co-dependence of Murdochistan and its dysfunctional gang of enablers. The next excerpt describes the mandatory, and most likely inevitable, consequences:

Eager for the highly partisan Murdoch papers' support, and fearful of the retribution that seemed to follow anything the company's editors or executives construed as opposition to News Corp.'s interests, Britain's Parliament and political establishment cowered while unprincipled journalists attenuated freedom of the press into grotesque malevolence and corrupt officials made public accountability a dead letter. It was a mutually beneficial little arrangement for as long as it lasted [...]

It would be outrageous if we now stood idly by and ignored credible allegations that an American company used our territory as a haven from which to subvert the laws and democratic processes of our closest cultural and political ally, as Murdoch's firm allegedly has. Moreover, as Philip Shenon reported in the Daily Beast this week, federal law enforcement officials have become increasingly wary of sharing information involving prominent personalities or celebrities with their British counterparts because of what the Americans regard as their colleagues' inappropriate relationship with London's tabloid press.

The Murdoch meltdown has become an American problem too.

You can read the rest here.

  • Anon

    All of a sudden this all sounds familiar, the UK prime minister had a Murdoch person as his spokesman, George Bush had Tony Snow - a Newscorp employee, and remember when Bush invited all the rethuglican
    newsmen to the White HOuse to brief them, one website has it all in pictures. Think about the new republican governors creating havoc all across the country, Murdoch gave 1.25 million to the repub governors assoc. in 2010 and millions more to republicans and the chamber of commerce.Murdoch was literally buying the US government.He needs to be hung out to dry along with all the FOX people, especially the creepy Roger Ailles.

  • "The only question is, what will grow out of the rubble? "

    This is what I've been asking for days. What other RWNJ will get control and
    keep the sleaze and lies coming?

  • Anyone want to make a bet on how long the talking heads and bleached-blondes on FAUX  news think they can keep up this little charade they've got going? It was "good work when ya had it."

  • Murdoch's Empire is as sprawling now as the British was back then.  The Sun never set on the Murdoch Empire.   24/7, around the world, someone was always watching a Murdoch Production.

    Now the Murdoch's hit the fan.  Soon we might sit back and enjoy the Terry Gilliam-ish spectacle of Murdoch's Sun crashing down on Murdoch's British Empire.  The only question is, what will grow out of the rubble?

  • I have been nothing less than entertained by the constant stream of stories about Murdoch going down. I literally need a bowl of popcorn when read this.  Thanks!!