VIDEO: GOP Gov. Nikki Haley must have a REALLY big car


Via Think Progress:

So, assuming Haley’s offer is genuine, how many rides will the governor be giving? South Carolina’s election commission estimates that 178,000 of the state’s voters lack the ID necessary to allow them to exercise their right to vote. [...]

A simpler solution: Don’t jeopardize peoples’ right to vote in the first place.

Nikki would never allow those icky Democratic minorities, old people, and grimy students in her Governormobile anyway. Besides, she'd end up having to fill up her gas tank over and over again, and that can get kinda pricey. Voter suppression is so much easier.

  • Anonymous

    What is really behind the drive to require picture IDs to vote?  Maybe it is only to make it more difficult to vote, hoping GOP voters have more determination than others ... or maybe not.   Oftentimes there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Republican initiatives. 

    A related issue that Republicans have been busy with since taking over so many states is same-day voter registration.  At first glance, this seems to be just another way to make it harder to vote but there is something more sinister I suspect.  The fact is that the few states that have same-day voter registration are immune from the ill effects of voter caging.

    You may recall that term, voter caging, from the Bush/Gore election.  Katherine Harris hired a firm to compile a list of Florida voters who had names similar to convicted felons (also matching race).  Since convicted felons are not allowed to vote, she removed 94,000 voters from Florida voting rolls leading up to the election.  These voters were probably not mostly convicted felons, but they were predominately black and probably predominately Democrats.   Recall that the official count gave Bush that election by less than a 600 vote margin.  

    This is vote caging.  It is illegal but that law does not seem to be enforced.  Do Republicans just want the opportunity to practice caging in more states?

  • Citizen X

    Very simple solution, but it involves getting off our keyboards.  Organize groups of people to arrive on her doorstep asking that Haley make good on her word to take them to the DMV.  Oh, and be sure to have a diverse group of people there.  Deny ReTHUGS the opportunity to turn this into a racial issue, although ReTHUGS would love  nothing better than to keep all the white baggers inflamed.  Baggers might wake up when they see an elderly person with a walker, a paralyzed vet in a wheelchair, a blind man with his seeing eye dog on the steps outside Haley's office.  Carry posters with Haley's  very own  words on it.  If possible to set up lap tops playing this clip over and over again, nice and loud and in public.  While you're at it, play the Paul  Weyrich  ALEC clip where he openly says they DON'T  want everyone to vote. Maybe deluded Americans will finally wake up! 

    Gather,  Ask, Repeat - everyday that the DMV is open.  See how quickly their house of lies is exposed.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad


    Maybe a more fair way to do it is...everyone bring thier last years tax filing AND a picture ID to the polls.

    How many Tea Party people will get to vote then?

  • Linda1961

    It's gonna be fun when the baggers turn out to be the ones without picture ids, or forget to bring one when they try to vote!