"I could not be more pleased at the damage inflicted on Rupert Murdoch's global misinformation machine."



Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Good bad news

Re "Phone hacking scandal widens," July 12

I could not be more pleased at the damage inflicted on Rupert Murdoch's global misinformation machine. I regret the harm done to the victims of Murdoch's stooges, but I'm pleased the perpetrators have been caught and will probably pay a heavy price.

I hope the left in Britain and the United States will take advantage of Murdoch's weakened state as an opportunity to inflict even more damage on him. As an expat American, I especially hope the left in my country will exploit every opportunity to use these and any further charges that may emerge against Murdoch's stooges at Fox News.

Murdoch and Fox News deserve any degree of harm they suffer as a result of these charges, and the world will be a better place when their influence is diminished.

Mark C. Eades


Murdoch and his flunkies are "shocked, shocked" at the sleazy tactics employed by his media employees when, for the last 40 years, he has pushed sleaze.

Only a couple of years ago, Murdoch's gossip-garbage peddlers at the New York Post were caught receiving money under the table for mentioning restaurants and clubs in their columns, and one writer was charged with trying to blackmail prominent L.A. Democrat Ron Burkle for cash to not slander him.

Murdoch's epitaph might be "Rosebud," except he lacks William Randolph Hearst's culture and refinement.

Ashak M. Rawji


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  • Now.....on to the Tea Baggers and the Kochs, please.

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    Yup, there is a God and he's reached his limit as to how much hate, lies, distortion is allowed from people who want only to be super wealthy, own the coporations that own the politicians and get to run the U.S., and eventually the world the 'proper way, their way.'