James Inhofe places hold on Commerce nominee until Congress moves forward on key trade deals


Way to go, Inhofe! Keep up the good work! Chalk up another hostage taken, and more obstruction by the Party of No. aka BlockHeads. Via The Hill:

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Tuesday he had placed a hold on the nomination of John Bryson to head up the Commerce Department, criticizing the former energy company executive for founding a major environmental group in the 1970s.

Oh noes! Bryson wouldn't know a corporation from an incandescent light bulb. He's nothing more than a dirty '70s era commie tree-hugging eco-terrorist hippie!

Wait. He's not?

Bryson’s supporters say he is anything but extreme. He spent much of his career as an energy executive, serving as CEO of Edison International, a California-based electric power generator, for 18 years.

Before his time at Edison International, Bryson spent years working on water and power issues in California, first as chairman of the California State Water Resources Control Board in the late 1970s and then as head of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Ah, so he's a corporate ex-dirty commie tree-hugging eco-terrorist hippie. Okay, what's really up? What's the GOP after this time?

Republicans have said they would hold up Bryson’s nomination until Congress moves forward on three key trade deals.


  • Anonymous

    But goopers are the ones holding up all the trade agreements!