Wealthy insurance cheaters call their Porsches and Cadillac Sevilles "farm vehicles"


Yesterday I posted nauseatingly visual proof of why the rich don't deserve more tax cuts. Today I have more, via the L.A. Times.

It appears that some of the wealthier drivers among us are claiming their luxury-mobiles as-- wait for it-- farm equipment in order to get lower insurance premiums. Yes, they want insurance companies to believe that their Porsche Carrera, Mercedes, or BMW is being used to haul fertilizer to those corn and/or wheat fields between mansions, just to get a discount.

And who can blame them? Gas is expensive these days, and poor things gotta fill them gas-guzzling tractors convertibles.

Then, after a hard day's work, they roll their zippy little roadsters onto their shiny new car elevator, right next to their Caterpillar Cadillac, and press the up button to keep it safe and sound inside the villa where no dirty farm worker or gardener can get their grubby little hands on 'em.

It turns out that some drivers of these cars are perpetrating an insurance fraud — claiming them as farm equipment to harvest hefty discounts on insurance premiums. [...]

"Honest people end up subsidizing the insurance premiums of dishonest people," said Robert U'Ren, senior vice president of Quality Planning.

He said the improper application of the farm-use discount is a money-saving move that's done by both dishonest policyholders and insurance agents. It results in about $150 million of unpaid premiums annually.

So once again, we taxpayers are subsidizing those who continue to get breaks, while those who really need them are being forced to bear a burden that they can't afford, and that eventually could even do them in.