Elizabeth Warren running for Senate?


Looks more and more like she's going to give Scott Brown a run for his money. Via Taegan-

Elizabeth Warren's calendar "sure looks like the schedule of a woman considering a Senate bid, or at least someone being courted by power players in Massachusetts and the Senate Democrats' campaign operation in Washington," Roll Call reports.

In recent weeks, Warren has met in person or spoke on the phone with DSCC Chairwoman Patty Murray, David Axelrod, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and a variety of Massachusetts lawmakers.

  • Anonymous

    She'd get my vote!  It might get complicated with Newton mayor Setti Warren running against Brown too.  

  • Physiologyprof

    Wow. Everyone I know loves her. Except establishment figures.  She would probably more more power in the long run in the senate.  Gee, I'll have to make the sacrifice of a trip to New England to campaign for her. 😉


    great post kool. you see this clearly. i've had this happen too. i have asked them to follow me to the bathroom. they asked why? i said i want to look in the mirror and see if i look as stupid as you think i am! and when YOUR HOLDING THE HAMMER there isn't much the corporate clowns can do!
    it makes going to work everyday a breeze when your figuring out how to give them the business
    that day . who says going to work isn't fun? you just have to have the right perspective !

  • Anonymous

    It would serve the Dems right to have Elizabeth Warren in the Senate to put a bee in their bonnets and shove a stick up their *ss*s. Go Elizabeth!

  • Anonymous

    Whomever is starting this rumor, has put it out there before. They would love to get her out of Washington out of that agency that she is setting up, and put her in a seat that has nowhere near the power. Both parties are guilty of trying to move her out of that office. She is setting up a system for the people that the banks don't want and the politicians don't like, because the big banks give them big bucks. If Obama appointed her to the office to head it (during a recess),she would be out at the next election(unless democrats are in control). If she were in the position of head of the agency, she could make no public comments(uncensored) As an advisor, while setting up the dept., she can go on talk shows (Jon Stewart) and talk freely about the big banks and the need for a watchdog agency.   Kinda reminds me of the time, an insecure and worm of a VP tried to get me to take a move from the exec office back to the field as a regional, and tried to make me think it was a promotion. I asked him if he would take such a move if offered, and he said no, he had a home here. I told him, my son lived here, and my doctors(especially an  esophogus doctor) was important for me to stay here.  The next time an offer was made to me, it was not an offer. The guy had cleared it through his boss, his bosses boss, and through the man who had promoted me to the exec office, so I had no recourse. But I did. I took a 5 month leave of absence (sick leave) for 2/3 pay, and then came back on my time and my terms. Don't ever try to put me in a f--------g corner.  Just sayin'

  • Marnie

    Obama has basically screwed her over.
    If she wants to have some impact, he is not going to let it happen.

    I think a lot of people in the party would like to have her involved in a significant manner.

    And they are right in feeling that way.

  • Since she has proven to be a Progressive Democrat and friend of the people, I'm surprised the DSCC and the DINO Senators would bother to give Warren the time of day, especially since they did not give her much support during and after her hearings.

  • DFS


  • Anonymous

    would absolutely love to see elizabeth warren in the senate.... so she could step on sessions and shelby like the bugs they are!