VIDEO: Rev. Al Sharpton vs Rep. Joe Walsh on tax cuts for the wealthy


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Quite the dust-up.

  • Simply put the republicans HAVE to stand up for those tax breaks or else their "job creators" will be cross with them and decide to take their money else where. Personally if you move your business offshore and import into the United States fine, we have tarrifs for that and if you don't like tarrifs you should have stayed in the country and PAID AMERICANS.

    And another thing to those wealthy americans who say "tax me" you don't have to wait for the tax rate to change, if you've seen a W2 you know there is a box on there that says "would you like additional taxes taken out of your check," put your money where your mouth is, you want to be taxed more write $1,000; 5,000; 10,000; 50;000 what ever amount you wish to give to help fix the debt crisis it is well within your powers to go ahead and pay it right now. It will come out on your next paycheck and if not this one then the one immediately following it. Yup thats the truth, even if you use  a 1099 you can go ahead at the end of each quarter and send in some extra money for your tax bill. It's starting to sound like those public servants who vote against a raise, if you aren't whipping up enough votes to keep it from passing it's a canard. Let me hear you campaign against a raise. Millionares and Billionares if they are so inclined can write a check and say "here, these are the taxes I am paying for this year plus EXTRA" they can stop using tax loop holes tomorrow. Take a 50,000 dollar pay cut and hire somebody, you make a million take a 100,000 dollar pay cut and hire 2 people.

    I find it hilarious how everytime a company is having a budget shortfall they fire people making 60,000 a year or less instead of having people making 500,000 or more take a 10% pay cut. Why can't you sell that corporate jet if you are having "hard times"? Why if you are making RECORD PROFITS for the umpteenth quarter in a row do you still need subsidies? If I'm not mistaken don't you USUALLY subsidize a person, company or business to help them get better footing in an industry or market so that they have a chance to get off the ground and thrive. Because once they start thriving the jobs they create will be a boom for the economy in the country that is subsidizing them? Maybe I'm crazy maybe I have it all wrong?

  • Anonymous

    walsh is a teabagging idiot who no longer lives in his district (thanks to the new illinois redistrictmas). with luck, he'll get his empty head handed to him by whichever dem – tammy duckworth or raja rrishnamoorthi – wins the primary. either one would be a vast improvement.

  • Very enjoyable to watch, love RevAL!!