Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann, stop twisting our Founding Fathers' "true beliefs"


Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, Part One, because our voices matter:

Speaking of the Founding Fathers

Re "In the founders' words," Editorial, July 4

Wouldn't it be wonderful if celebrity right-wing Republican politicians such as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann stopped giving their twisted and incorrect view of history and our Founding Fathers' true beliefs and learn what they actually wrote?

It makes the majority of us knowledgeable voters yearn for the days when we always tried to elect the best and the brightest.

Jerold Drucker


  • Pwrupjim

     W did say " keep them poor and stupid" at one of his have and have not fund raisers.

  • Simply put the election of W showed that our contempt for intelligence was at an all time high. People really do hate people who they feel are smarter than them, and due to a good 20+ years of education cuts thanks to republican presidents and governors this is what our country now looks like. Small pockets of intelligence and huge chasms of stupidity.

    Until either the conservative side decides to wake up on it'sown or the liberal/progressive side decides to do some skull dragging kicking and screaming we are in deep trouble