Koch Industries Subsidiary Cited for Illegal Foreign Campaign Donations


A Koch Industries subsidiary made a dozen illegal donations to "nonfederal candidates and committees), totaling nearly $27,000. This was done from 2005 to 2009.

Oddly, the largest amount went to the Democratic Governors Association; this from Tea Party, Inc.  Smaller amounts went to candidates for state office in Virginia and Delaware, and to Kansas's former attorney general, a big anti-choicer.

Via Roll Call:

The Federal Election Commission has fined a Luxembourg subsidiary of Kansas-based Koch Industries Inc. $4,700 for making illegal foreign campaign contributions. [...]

Foreign nationals, including overseas subsidiaries of U.S. companies, are barred from making campaign donations to any political campaigns or committees, whether federal, state or local. [...] INVISTA’s actual headquarters are in Kansas, but it was organized under the laws of Luxembourg and operated an administrative office there, the FEC found.

Drop. In. Bucket.

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