Frank Rich: "The president has no one to blame but himself for the caricature."


Frank Rich:

"What haunts the Obama administration is what still haunts the country: the stunning lack of accountability for the greed and misdeeds that brought America to its gravest financial crisis since the Great Depression. There has been no legal, moral, or financial reckoning for the most powerful wrongdoers. Nor have there been meaningful reforms that might prevent a repeat catastrophe."

"The fallout has left Obama in the worst imaginable political bind. No good deed he's done for Wall Street has gone unpunished. He is vilified as an anti-capitalist zealot not just by Republican foes but even by some former backers... The bigger political problem is that a far larger share of the American electorate views him as a tool of the very fat-cat elite that despises him. Given Obama's humble background, his history as a mostly liberal Democrat, and his famous résumé as a community organizer, this would also seem a reach. But the president has no one to blame but himself for the caricature."

Fair enough. And it's true, he has been vilified by some former backers.

However, and I repeat, a vote against President Obama (including not voting at all) is a vote for the GOP. Two words: Citizens United.

Despite our disagreements with the president-- and I have a few big ones myself-- we simply and absolutely cannot allow a Republican to win in 2012, because that victory would affect us for generations. Think of the damage BushCo did, then imagine what Bush on steroids would do, and you'll have an inkling of the immediate and drastic devolution of this country should voters elect a President BachmannWillard Mitt Romney, or Pawlenty.

H/t: Taegan

  • Anonymous

    I like the emphasis upon Romney's real first name--Willard. That makes a Romney-Bachmann match-up The Rat vs. The Bat.

    So, is anyone else going to start dedicating Michael Jackson's "Ben" to him?

  • Sadly this is true.  I have been pretty disappointed, tho 2 B fair, the President hasn't "exactly" had any huge number of liberals/real progressive's in Congress to help him.  The Critters are for the most part just corporate suck-ups.....partly the fault of having to rely on their money since elections cost so much.....altho I think Obama could have done MUCH for that to have come to fruition too, had he not refused.  I am also angry abt many other things he "hasn't" done, But...not 2 B bitter......

    If we want to see Obama REALLY do something LIBERAL, then WE are going to have to stand with ppl like those in #WI and #OH and other states where #LABOR is now fighting really hard and still getting no attention [25 teahadists tho & watch the media show in droves 🙁 ]...WE have 2 help Obama get those CRITTERS under control!  WE have 2 stop watching those channels who lie/smarm and support ONLY those we know r telling the truth....and DEMAND they cover the fights/protests of an actual "we the ppl".

    Until then we're screwed, is all I can say.....we have to vote OUT the @SenBennelson's, NOT keep re-electing them & expecting a different outcome. 

    Sorry: end of rant 🙂  Except, of course, to say:   yes, we elect Obama or.........AAAaarrrgh, I can't even say it:  SHOW UP & VOTE......even if ur mad......I intend to.

  • Walt

    On a historical perspective, Obama is a lot better president than you think.  He is just one branch of the government.  The Mitch McConnells make him look like a fucking saint.

  • Walt

    You are absolutely right, Laffy.  The dominate right wing of SCOTUS is doing as much damage to our Democracy and our well being as a country as any other entity.  And it is going to be that way for sometime unless somehow Clarence Thomas is forced to resign or brought up for impeachment which is highly unlikely.  And Ginsburg, one of the moderates, is set next to retire in the next presidential term.  For nothing else, it is imperative to have a Democrat in the White House just for this reason.  The math is real simple on this one.

    And Frank Rich, lets make sure of one thing, for all of Obama's faults, most of the blame squarely lands on the obstructionist Republican/Tea Party and their media that has been absolutely treasonous in their role of ignoring the will of the American people while turning their objective to strategically taking out the President of the United States.  Too strong?  Hell no. 

  • Rick_winter

    Rather than vote for a bad President, rather than let a horrible President take office, why not vote for someone good?  If America prefers a horrible President, then that's what America will get.

  • Maritza

    It is so great that I am here talking all to myself.
    Frank R. should call President Obam and thank him for all the progress done about GAY Rights since ever till now.

  • Maritza

    Frank R, Rachel M. Eugene R, and Robert H can go eat shit for all I care; they so nothing but trush President Obama. Those tools pull info out of their ass to "print" opinions.

  • Maritza

    Should President Obama go and kill all the other elected "officials" that are killing themselfs to cover for the criminals f-ing us out there too?