Dems in "strong position to help flip the Wisconsin state Senate"


WisPolitics has some good news in their latest update on the Wisconsin recall elections. Sometimes the good guys win, and hopefully, this will be one of those times. When you step on the rights of other Americans, when you act as if they don't matter in the least, when you belittle them, crush them, and skip democracy in favor of power grabs, they tend to retaliate:

Over $4 million raised, $2 million on hand, operations in every WI Senate recall district, and a robust volunteer apparatus set to knock 100,000th door over the weekend

MADISON – Just six weeks after the formation of the We Are Wisconsin PAC to engage in the historic Wisconsin recall elections, pre-primary financial reports show the group in a strong position to help flip the Wisconsin state Senate. While an unprecedented amount of outside anonymous corporate money is expected to flow into these races from shady, unregulated entities, We Are Wisconsin has chosen transparency by formation of a PAC and full disclosure of our donors. [...]

[T]he passage of Scott Walker’s extreme, job-killing budget has only added fuel to the fire.

Despite being outspent by the Koch-backed group Club for Growth by a nearly 2 to 1 margin on television, new polling suggests Democrats are well within striking distance of taking back the Wisconsin Senate and currently enjoy the momentum as the elections approach.

How refreshing. We Are Wisconsin PAC is sticking to their principles by remaining transparent, which is a lot more than we can say about the Koch heads. What is transparent, however, is the ease with which the corporate Koch machine gets Scott Walker to do their bidding.

As for the back story, remember that Wisconsin Republicans did everything in their power to obliterate unions, a major source of funding for the Democratic party; publicly treated regular people like dirt; showed favoritism… more than once; went so far as to cheat and lie.

Instead, they found that those people pulled together, retaliated, openly, started a movement of their own; and their sleazy efforts backfired, and they eventually became the target of (what looks to become successful) recall efforts.