VIDEO and rant: Praising Michele Bachmann's miscarriage "revelations"


It's Saturday, and you know what that means, boys and girls, time to rant about the "news" [sic] dee jays on cable.

Today's moment of outrage is about the praise showered all over Michele Bachmann for exploiting her miscarriage. Oh, sorry, did I say exploit? I meant share. It's just that her timing coincided with her run for president, so you can see where I might have interpreted this as something a calculation more than a moment of candor*.

And boy howdy, did the dee jays fall hook, line, and stinker for this one. I was pleased to see, in the video above, that ABC devoted some time to Jackie Speier revealing that she had an abortion procedure, and what an emotionally and physically painful experience that can be.

However, on at least one cable show this morning (they're virtually interchangeable, so I'm having trouble remembering whether it was on MSNBC or CNN, but I'm thinking it was MSNBC), the commentators lauded Michele Bachmann for showing her "human" side (as opposed to...?), and how this will likely endear her to voters. Wowzers, she was brave, they gushed, and oh my how people will warm to her now that she's explained how this clearly painful time shaped her oh-so-"pro-life" views. (Pro-gay, not so much, since apparently, the gay community isn't quite as "alive" as a fetus is.)

*Oh but wait. Michele told the same story in 2008:

A number of media outlets have reported the story as a "surprise disclosure," and CNN's Peter Hamby tweeted that even some of Bachmann's staffers were "caught by surprise."

So she's shared her revelation twice. I guess politicizing a miscarriage is easier in election years.

I'm still waiting for CableLand to invite a rape or incest victim on so they can give her equal time and a similar pat on the back for laying bare her own gut-wrenching story about how abortion changed her life, and why. I'm sure they would then praise her, too, and tell viewers how courageous it was to have talked about making that decision and as a result, how supporting this still legal procedure would increase Anywoman USA's appeal and popularity, just as Bachmann's anti-reproductive rights tale is expected to increase hers.