Wisconsin Recall Watch: And then there was one... GOP candidate


Before you know it, Wisconsin will be holding recall elections, thanks to the anti-Democratic antics of Scott Walker and his band of anti-union, anti-middle class, anti-worker Senate and Supreme Court thugs.

The GOP has had its share of problems trying to run against their Democratic opponents, and now, well wouldn't you know it, here they go again. Via WisPolitics:

Rep. John Nygren, whose appeal to get on the 30th Senate District GOP primary ballot was denied today by a Dane County Judge, said that while he still believes the will of the people was on his side, he won't appeal the decision.

"I think we did have the required amount of signatures," Nygren, R-Marinette, said after the ruling. "I'm disappointed that we didn't have more than the 465 that was turned in. We should have, and I, as a candidate, accept responsibility for that."

Don'tcha hate when that happens?

TPM has more perspective, including that only one other GOP candidate is left in the race -- "who brings some personal baggage."

Also, to rub salt in the wound, Nygren did not sign his own petitions. In an attempt to help put him back over the 400 threshold, his attorney tried to argue at the GAB and in court that when Nygren collected signatures himself -- which involves signing on the petition form a statement of support for the candidate -- this should have counted as a petition signature.

It didn't.

So that leaves GOP activist David VanderLeest and his multiple legal issues:

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has previously reported -- involving a bankruptcy, home foreclosure, an unpaid judgment of $30,000 with a bank, building code violations, and a misdemeanor conviction for disorderly conduct. The latter conviction was part of a plea deal for a domestic dispute.

I don't think Wisconsin Republicans put on their Foresight Caps when they did everything in their power to obliterate unions, a major source of funding for the Democratic party; publicly treated regular people like dirt; showed favoritism… more than once; went so far as to cheat and lie.

Instead, they found that those people pulled together, retaliatedopenly, started a movement of their own; and their sleazy efforts backfired, and they eventually became the target of (what looks to become successful) recall efforts.

Oh, and they should have learned to count. If only they'd have paid attention in (public) school.