Bachmann Family Clinic may have violated contract: "No religious based counseling"


My original 2010 post about Marcus Bachmann and his "ungay" clinic. Others here.

Below is a screen grab of an excerpt from the Bachmann & Associates, Inc. clinic overview, the same clinic run by Michele Bachmann's husband, the same clinic that received "big government handouts", the same handouts that Michele denied she and Mr. Michele benefited from.

In the contract with the U.S. government was this provision:

XXIII.3 “GRANTEE agrees that no religious based counseling shall take place under the auspices of this grant.”

Now here is just one excerpt from the "program overview". There are others that are similar:


If she and her husband can't adhere to such a simple rule, and if Candidate Michele can't comprehend basic facts and/or rules in general, it's a safe bet to state unequivocally, right here and right now, that she is unqualified to hold the office of president, or vice president... or any other public office, for that matter.

Think Progress has more.

  • Bill Woessner

    Well I'm not really sure what the big deal is.  There's no reason that grant money necessarily went toward religious based counseling.  I'm sure the clinic has tons of religion-free expenses it could have spent the money on.  Like rent, utilities, insurance...

  • That's what screengrabs are for. ; )

  • This is so choice and so typical of the Bachmanns. 

    Jeff Wilfahrt, Rosemount, MN

  • HarborGuy

    I am SO happy to see their creepy clinic starting to get lots of press.

    I had posted the site address umteen dozens of times over the last couple of years to numerous blogs/sites.

    FINALLY, it's getting the exposure that I'm sure that it truly deserves.

    My prediction...all of a sudden the site will be under a Login and Password screen.