Video- Bill Donohue Of Catholic League Makes Ass of Himself Over Marriage Equality



Kudos to the interviewer who puts up a good fight. Via. More about Donahue here.

  • ask them how many gays have attacked and killed "christians". they will hang up.i was raised catholic. ok to be pedophiles but not gay.i left the"church" because I am not bigot enough.

  • if you have any questions or comments call them at 212-371-3191.

  • I called this "christian" group.they hung up when I asked how many gay people have beat up or killed their name they say the catholic league for religious and civil rights. for who?civil rights for bigots.I am beginning to think the catholic church is inbreeding like the phelps gang.and for those that believe this shit, like really, I hope you never need the help of someone who is gay.we are with it dick

  • Really?

    Really?  I thought she made an ass out of herself.  She was just yammering liberal tripe and for Donahue it was like trying to herd cats, she was just running all over the place spewing the usual garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Here's an idea, stop having these regressives on TV shows. They don't deserve a microphone.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is in Donahue's Catholic League ,  Donahue and his cousins maybe. This grifter has a great scam. Create a phony organization and make it extreme and you will get to opine and give your opinions everywhere. I don't know one Catholic who is in the League or who cares what Donahue says , and yes this interviewer did a good job, but no one should be interviewing this clown from anywhere except a bar stool in Innwood at 11am in the morning.

  • Clancy

    "Bill Donohue of Catholic League Makes an Ass of Himself" could be the title of every post about Bill Donohue. Making an ass of himself is pretty much his raison d'etre.