VIDEO- Rep. Chris Murphy: Can Clarence Thomas "continue to serve as a Justice"?


Yesterday I posted "Co-Sign Chris Murphy’s “Dear Colleague” letter calling for Supreme Court Ethics Hearings" along with a link to the petition and to Think Progress's piece.

Today TP has more, including this video. Please read their post here. Short version: Investigate Thomas...

Again, here is a list of reasons that Clarence Thomas should absolutely be investigated and impeached. In addition, there’s this: Justices Have Been Forced To Resign For Doing What Clarence Thomas Has Done.

All our posts about Clarence Thomas are here.

FYI: Chris Murphy is running for Senate in 2012 to try to take Traitor Joe Lieberman's seat. Please give any support you can, and most importantly, GOTV!

  • If only she'd hang out with the Koch bros and "forget" to declare income, she'd get a pass from you, huh?

  • Comapass

     If Chris Murphy really is interested in whether Supreme Court Justices have any garbage in their background, he should focus more on Elena Kagan. It appears thanks to the F.O.I.A. She had told the Senate confirmation hearing a lie when she stated she had no hand in crafting the Affordable Healthcare Act. A.K.A., Obamacare. Documents have been produced that not only was she “involved” bur very instrumental in drafting it.

  • Anonymous

    well of course he can continue to serve. andrew breitbart hasn't found any tweeted pictures of mr. justice me-too's underwear.