Sarah Palin quits trip to Sudan


Former Half-Gov Quitty McHalfWit is at it again. Let's recap: She quit as governor, she quit her fans, she quit speaking engagements, she quit her well-publicized, self-serving, needy, look-at-me, give-me-attention bus tour (although she denies it), and now she's quitting a trip to Sudan.

At least she excels at something.

(CNN) - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin canceled a July trip to Sudan due to "scheduling problems," a source with knowledge of the trip confirmed to CNN Thursday. [...]

"She is not going to Sudan due to scheduling problems," said the source, who would not speak on the record because Palin's travel itinerary is considered private.

Palin's representatives refused to comment on the trip.

Quitty has a lot of problems, scheduling being but one of them.

  • Lemme guess:  there wasn't enough press coverage for the Sudan trip -- right, Sarah?

  • In the bar rooms of my youth there was an expression "Short hittin' kitten" and that seems like a nice moniker for this failin Palin.

    Jeff Wilfahrt, Rosemount, MN

  • She excels at bull shit.

  • I bet she quits halfway through an orgasm too.
    ...anyone would if they got a gander at that screenshot you posted:-P

  • The "scheduling problems" arose when Sarah Palin asked her travel agent if she would be able to see any of the tsunami damage from her hotel room.   After some confusion, she was informed that Sudan was a country in the middle of Africa.

    After demanding to know how "a country could be in the middle of another country," she was then informed that Jackie Chan probably wouldn't be available to meet with her either.  Then she quit.

  • What a loser.  That is all.

  • HarborGuy was a whole collection of Haters that were going over there, I thought.

    That is the LAST thing they need...And speaking of that, it's amazing how Creeps, Crooks and Haters from here are over in Africa, trying to plant/encourage even more Hate.

    Terrifying what the hell has happened these days.

  • Anonymous

    and the Sudanese rejoice, saying "Thank GOD! Haven't we suffered enough?"

  • That has to be the most perfect screen-cap ever! It perfectly captures her true nature.

  • I didn't realize, "I don't feel like it" fell under the category of "scheduling problems."