Huntsman Finishes Opening Day with Big Money Haul


As if you needed more proof that botox frozen de Rothschild isn't a dem. I hope he's really aiming for VP because I don't see him getting anywhere, his debut and demeanor couldn't be more boring.

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. opened his day on Tuesday by formally declaring his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. He closed it by accomplishing an equally important task: collecting $1.2 million for his campaign.

A dinner in Manhattan, hosted by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, was the venue to kickoff Mr. Huntsman’s fund-raising effort. It was the first stop in a weeklong fund-raising sprint, as Mr. Huntsman tries to catch up with the rest of the Republican presidential field that is locked in a cutthroat scramble to sign up high-dollar donors.

  • David G.

    I don't believe his numbers for a minute... He's a Utah former governor... Over maybe a robust 1 million people who voted... He's nothing and America isn't looking for another nobody...  The Pugs in the repuglican party are looking for someone who can stir interest... Huntsman doesn't do the trick... He's another Newt.  DOA.  DG