All Over for Newt Gingrich?


I'm really disappointed we didn't see more of a fight out of him. Via Taegan-

The Des Moines Register reports prominent Iowa Republicans say they have seen no evidence that Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign "has made efforts to hire a new Iowa staff since its entire paid crew abruptly resigned almost two weeks ago."

First Read: "Want more evidence how Newt Gingrich is no longer campaigning in the early nominating contests? In his schedule this week, all of his events are within driving distance of his Georgia and DC-area homes. On Tuesday, he attends a screening of "A City Upon A Hill" in Savannah, GEORIGIA... On Wednesday, he delivers a speech on the federal regulations and the Federal Reserve at the Atlanta Press Club's Commerce Club in GEORGIA... And on Thursday, he speaks at a Maryland Republican Party dinner in BALTIMORE. This is what a campaign looks like when it's running on fumes."

  • I never thought he was really running. Wonder why it took his staff so long to reach the same opinion?