Clarence Thomas should join the "Justices who have been forced to resign" club.


I live to be persistently redundant about the Clarence Thomas conflicts of interest story. It needs to be told again and again until something is done about his lack of ethics and judgment (no pun), and I'm hoping Keith Olbermann hits it hard starting Monday.

In the meantime, I'll keep reminding you of this list of reasons that Clarence Thomas should be investigated and impeached.

Think Progress has even more to add today. Here's the teaser:

It is difficult to distinguish Fortas’ scandal from Thomas’. Like Fortas, Thomas accepted several very valuable gifts from parties who are frequently interested in the outcome of federal court cases. One of Thomas’ benefactors has even filed briefs in his Court since giving Thomas a $15,000 gift, and Thomas has not recused himself from each of these cases.

Of course, Thomas is also the least likely Justice to actually follow the command of precedent. ... His fellow justices criticize him for showing “utter disregard for our precedent and Congress’ intent.” Even ultra-conservative Justice Antonin Scalia finds Thomas’ approach to the law too extremein Scalia’s words “I am a textualist. I am an originalist. I am not a nut.”

Please hop over and read the latest. T.P. titled it, Justices Have Been Forced To Resign For Doing What Clarence Thomas Has Done.