Rick Perry still weeks away from deciding on presidential run. He must have watched these videos.


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Via Taegan:

The top strategist to Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) told the Texas Tribune that Perry is still "at least weeks" away from making a decision about whether to run for president, "a daunting financial and logistical undertaking even without the time pressures of a late entry."

Logistics are indeed, a major issue, as is raising kajillions of dollars.

Said Dave Carney: "...Is there political support out there enough to wage battles in the early states? Those are big questions. We would be running in a field with a bunch of other people who have been at this longer than we have."

I'm sure Ricky's god will tell him and his hair what to do, although if he's so connected to him/her, I'm surprised he hasn't gotten word yet. He'd be wiser to listen to Rachel and Bill (h/t: Heather):

But here on planet reality, may I point out that there is no such thing as spiritual solutions to national problems. If that's where we are as a country, if our official government policy is “yee haw... Jesus take the wheel!” then we're dead already.