Poll-itics: President Obama nearly as popular as Rick Perry in Texas


Gov. Rick Perry:  54% approval. (Added)

President Obama: 51% approval.

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"There are a few unhappy people [in Texas]. We refer to them as 'liberals'."

Mark this day on your calendar, he was right. Liberals are unhappy -- with Perry-- as are non-liberals, according to that poll. We refer to them as "potential Democratic voters".

  • The numbers aren't supposed to add up. It polled approvals. Obama got his
    approval numbers, Perry got his.

    That said, Paul's right. ; )

  • The number adds up to 105% so there is a good chance that at least 5% of the Texans who approve of Rick Perry also believe Obama is the Antichrist but approve of his performance anyway ;D

  • Linda1961

    "Conservatives have won the war of ideas"?!?  In what universe?  

    Looking at the poll numbers, looks like Perry is making more and more Texans liberals...

  • No, that was my bad. I added it in... those were each of their approval

  • David G.

    Interesting math... That comes out to 105%... I guess everything is bigger in Texas.  DG