Video- Glenn Beck Suggests Armed Insurrection Against Obama And Administration


Via Newshounds.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry these are  treasonous words and he should be arrested for trying to incite a coup in this country. If a Democrat or left wing news personality had said this the right wing would be hollering  in protest and calling for that person to be sent to Gitmo.

    The fact that someone can get away with saying this on our public airwaves for insurrection against a sitting president is despicable  and unAmerican.

  • HarborGuy

    I agree. I thought that there were some kind of laws (was that just a TV fantasy) regarding those that were trying to stir the pot for a government over throw...or something like that.

    He is dangerous.

  • Paul Kussmann

    He's a dangerous racist...advocating violence against government. Isn't there a law against that????

  • Walt

    I have said this before and I'll say it again.  Beck is not only, possibly, America's current greatest crank (in a very competitive field) but he is, straight up, a domestic terrorist. 

    This propaganda right wing media is doing all it can to see America destroyed just for the sake of regaining power into the White House.  This is the same playbook they used on Clinton except now they have a much larger media machine, that they have been putting into place for years, to manipulate the masses.  It is as fascist as it comes.  And the corporate media is more that happy to oblige.  It is up to the American people to rise above all this bullshit. 

    In another time when the American Fascists didn't have the power they have now, the press would be singing a lot more praises for what the President has done in this incredible crises that he inherited.  Like saving America's strongest union by investing in the autoworkers that successfully paid off.  The RepubliCONS are furious about this.  They wanted GM in bankruptcy to further weaken the union and reward the executives.  The transparency and obvious is there if the people rise above all the media bullshit coming from all sides.  If the they don't and they let these sociopaths back in power than we shall continue down that road that could lead us to a Mussolini's Italy, or China, or Soviet Union, or, may I dare say, Nazi Germany.  Glenn Beck epitomizes this fear.

  • We shouldn't be surprised if Beck dials the crazy up to 11 in his waning days at Foxnews.

  • Beck a member of the Tin Foil Hat Club.