VIDEO: GOP debate nothing more than a collection myth-information & right wing talking-and-talking-and-talking points


I watched most of the GOP debate last night. They offered nothing new, rarely answered questions directly (except for those really hard hitting "Coke or Pepsi" ones, courtesy of that persistent, probing master of challenge John King), offered up no solutions to their own Speaker of the House's "Where are the jobs?" challenge, resorted to the usual "blame Obama" default response, and were generally nothing more than a collection of right wing talking-and-talking-and-talking points.

Think Progress has strung a few if-only-we-could-forget memorable moments together in these videos:

Deregulation is one of the main causes of the economic mess we're in. Corporate power is off the charts, and environmental devastation is hardly a rarity. As Jerry Seinfeld never really said, "Who are these people?"

It gets worse.

Think Progress debunks the following whoppers, so click over for the truth:

Nothing appeals to Americans more than killing Medicare and putting the lives and livelihoods of seniors and future seniors in grave jeopardy. Way to go, GOP contenders! USA! USA!