Ex-Rand Paul campaign worker gets probation for head stomping of MoveOn activist


Remember that head-stomping of a MoveOn activist by a Rand Paul campaign worker back in 2010?

So what kind of consequences did the stomper have to pay? He's serving a year's probation and paying $600 in medical expenses.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Assistant Fayette County Attorney Jackie Alexander says 53-year-old Tim Profitt agreed to an Alford plea on Monday. It means he acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him in the assault but didn't admit guilt.

  • s head stomping in Fayette County is more a sport than a crime. I mean 53 year old men throwing a girl down to the ground and stomping her head is really something that happens there every well. I can only hope Jackie Alexander gets caught up this election season and suffer a head stomping of her own and see if an Alford plea and a year on probation is enough to pay for an assault.

    Kinda reminds me of when a gay standing on a sidewalk deserves to be beaten to death.

  • I decided to follow your Google News link; it's fascinating how Fox News chose to phrase the headline:

    Former Rand Paul Campaign Worker Gets Probation for Stomping Liberal