VIDEO: Target forces employees to watch scary, creepy anti-union propaganda


Gawker got hold of this really hokey Target video that sends a really despicable message. Thanks to David at C and L for making the vid embeddable:

At about the 1:50 mark, the anti-union push begins in earnest.

According to these wholesome, scrubbed employees, it's very, very dangerous to join a union. Dangerous and scary and creepy. And they should know because they're wholesome, scrubbed Target employees! And you can tell unions are evil because the music becomes Jawsy ominous:

"With a union you no longer have your own voice. Have a great suggestion? You can't take it directly to your manager. You have to go through the union layers. Need help with a problem? Same thing. Someone else will do the talking for you. And there's no guarantee you'll like what they have to say."

Yikes! I better quit the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA, and Mr. Laffy should tear up his Writers Guild card pronto! We had no idea unions were taking over our bodies! All this time, we felt as if we were using our own voices when we voted for officers, picketed for higher pay and more benefits, made other choices with union help.

Why, when they went to bat for me when rules were broken on TV shows I was on, and when they insisted that I get paid overtime, got meals, fair treatment, protection, and respect, they were-- dun-dun-dun-n!-- actually controlling my every move! I count myself lucky I survived.