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VIDEO: Wisconsin Justice David Prosser grabs reporter's microphone


Firefox is acting up, dying, tormenting, so forgive me for the brevity. I'm trying to get this video up before I crash again. I will remind you that all our David Prosser posts are here, should you need background. The video also fills in some of the details.

Via Raw Story.


Astronomy Overnight Thread- Star Factory


Star Factory Messier 17
Credit: ESO, INAF-VST, OmegaCAM
Acknowledgement: OmegaCen/Astro-WISE/Kapteyn Institute Explanation: Sculpted by stellar winds and radiation, the star factory known as Messier 17 lies some 5,500 light-years away in the nebula-rich constellation Sagittarius. At that distance, this degree wide field of view spans almost 100 light-years, courtesy of the European Southern Observatory's new VLT Survey Telescope and OmegaCAM. The sharp, false color image includes both optical and infrared data, following faint details of the region's gas and dust clouds against a backdrop of central Milky Way stars.

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Rep. Thaddeus McCotter to announce run for president


"Who? Who's announcing?" you ask. "Thaddeus McWhatter?"


This guy:

Yes, guitar-strumming Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) is making a bid for the White House, according to USA Today:

During the stop, he told the Des Moines Register that he thought there was room for more conservative candidates like him in the race. [...]

The avid Beatles fan and guitar player served in House Republican leadership as the policy chairman from 2006 until 2010.

I wonder if he'll take requests at the debates.


The Idea Behind Fox News Channel Originated in the Nixon White House


I always figured ClusterFox was hatched and not born. Looks like I was right.

Gawker has a great story out today, so take a look. Here's the tease:

"A Plan for Putting the GOP on TV News" (read it here) is an unsigned, undated memo calling for a partisan, pro-GOP news operation to be potentially paid for and run out of the White House. Aimed at sidelining the "censorship" of the liberal mainstream media and delivering prepackaged pro-Nixon news to local television stations, it reads today like a detailed precis for a Fox News prototype... And though it's not clear who wrote it, the copy provided by the Nixon Library literally has Ailes' handwriting all over it—it appears he was routed the memo by Haldeman and wrote back his enthusiastic endorsement, refinements, and a request to run the project in the margins.

Paying it backward.


Judge Issues Injunction In South Dakota Abortion Law Case


Good news! Via

SIOUX FALLS, SD - A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction, meaning a new abortion law will not go into effect in South Dakota on July 1.

Let's hope the same thing happens in Kansas.

H/t: Leftpalm


Quickie- Corporations: 88, Wage Earners: 1.


Today's Quickie:

Via Taegan:

Since the recovery began in June 2009, "corporate profits captured 88 percent of the growth in real national income while aggregate wages and salaries accounted for only slightly more than 1 percent" of that growth.

Corporations are humming along, still able to buy elections, underhire, underpay, and undervalue, you know, people. See? Economic recovery!

That was today's Quickie. Will you still respect me in the morning?


VIDEO- Rachel Maddow Show: Kansas has effectively banned abortion.


What's the matter with Kansas:

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I just heard on Hardball minutes ago, that Kansas's third and last abortion clinic has been shut down.