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VIDEO: Did Sarah Palin really let daughter Piper physically shield her from reporter?


Raw Video: Sarah Palin In Philly:

How dare those reporters intrude on the privacy of a fake candidate?

Hey, the Palins just wanted a nice, quiet vacation! I mean, come on, what close-knit clan doesn't go on their outings in a huge tour bus emblazoned with enormous U.S. Constitution and Liberty Bell graphics, enticing the press to hunt them down like a pack of dogs?

And it's not as if Former Half-Gov Exploita McLovesPress is vying for attention these days, right?  Clearly, she was simply including her daughter in an exciting, wholesome, fun-for-the-whole-family activity: Body guarding!

What part of Family Values don't you guys get? Besides, who says the mother is the one who is supposed to shield the daughter, anyway? Palin's just bein' mavericky, there, also, too.

We all know it was that damn "lamestream media's" fault! What's a prop well-trained child to do? Or was Sarah just... oblivious?

H/t: @KatieAnnieOakly, @Dusty_17


VIDEO: Rachel Maddow, parents of slain soldier on Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage amendment


Back in April, I posted about Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt, two wonderful people and parents of a gay son who, sadly, was killed in Afghanistan only a few weeks ago. I met them when we did the Tim Corrimal radio show together, and we've been email friends ever since.

Andrew Wilfahrt is thought to be the first gay Minnesota soldier to die in the service of his country in the war in Afghanistan.

We know this is a cool family because Margie J. Phelps hates them.

But they've got Rachel on their side:

Rep. John Kriesel gave a passionate, moving speech against a Minnesota gay marriage ban in Corporal Andrew Wilfahrt's name. Rachel talks to Andrew's parents Jeff & Lori Wilfahert.


Quickie: 44 GOP senators already pledged filibuster of Commerce Dep't. nomination


Today's Quickie:

Via Matt Yglesias at Think Progress:

[E]ven though Bryson’s record is completely uncontroversial, there are 44 Republican Senators who have pledged to block the confirmation of any Commerce Secretary “until Obama submits for ratification trade agreements with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.”

The state of our government:

That was today's Quickie. Will you still respect me in the morning?


VIDEO: "God bless Johnson & Johnson, G.E., Citigroup. Amen."


Satire yes, funny yes, well done yes, but this is a tad too close for comfort. I feel that familiar twinge of squirm... or as Former Half-Gov Blatherina McMangleEnglish would put it, squirmish.