Herman Cain "shoots up"? Ruh-roh! Time for rehab?


Via thatspunny.com

Today's Misleading Headline-O'-The-Day just screams snarkitude. Via Taegan:

Cain Shoots Up in Iowa

A forthcoming Public Policy Polling survey -- scheduled to be released tomorrow -- finds Herman Cain jumping into 2nd place in a Iowa poll of likely Republican caucus-goers.

Who knew Cain had a drug problem? Time for a drug rehabilitation center! Oh, but I kid the former pizza guy.

  • KansasDem

    Unless I'm mistaken Mr. Cain is someone who thinks everyone should pay a 23% sales tax.

    I happen to know that's not fair because, "I've been up, I've been down ...............".

    When you earn more than you can spend you'd pay less tax than those who must spend every penny just to get by.

    I wish Laffy could find a good audio of that ........... "I've been up, I've been down......".

    Great stuff. I miss the really great performers.