Update: Nicole Sandler's arrest for committing democracy


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I've posted a lot about my radio host and friend Nicole Sandler's horrendous ordeal at a recent Allen West event. She got arrested for-- as she so aptly puts it-- committing democracy.

She has a great post up at her place that explains, in her own words, what happened that day, and what has happened since. Please hop over and give it a read.

It's one thing for me to tell her story, and quite another to hear Nicole tell it.

If this doesn't motivate us to get these thugs out of office, nothing will.

  • Nicole Sandler, you are our hero! You rock, the GOP sucks! 

  • I often wonder if republicans completely remove the word DEMOCRACY from their dictionaries once they put that R by their names. I mean it was okay for Democrats to get roughed up and take tough questions(based on bullshit) for the original health care debate(and to my knowledge not a single liberal scripted his town hall) and yet you vote to kill Medicare and you deign to believe you can ignore the carpet calling you.

    Like I always said vote thugs into office don't be surprise when your TV, Couch, washing machine, and microwave oven are missing, in the name of "Economic Recovery"