VIDEO- John McCain: Sarah Palin could beat President Obama. Oh, Mitch Daniels says he could have, too.


Relevant segment at about 9:05:

I wonder if he also thinks Former Half-Gov Quitetta McBumpIts would be able to withstand all the helmet and telepalmter jokes.

Meantime, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels also believes he would have beaten President Obama if he had decided to run.

So a loser who quits and will do anything for attention, along with a quit-before-you-even-announce, are the ones who would be the clear winners in 2012. That makes about as much sense as, well, the GOP does.

  • John McCain: Sarah Palin could beat President Obama.

     Er, John -- I realize you're getting up there, but . . .  2008?  Election?  Hello?

  • I could beat President Obama too. If I wanted to. Yeah. I just don't want to. But I could if I did. Yeah.

  • Anonymous

    McCain must have a snake tongue.  He's been sticking it further and further up Palin's azzzz since 2008.   Almost all of it must be firmly lodged in that crevice forever  by now.   Maybe he's hoping she'll choose him as her #2 to run on the ticket if she wins the GOP nomination.  

  • Anonymous

    Then it's time to put up or shut up.  Idiots.

  • Anonymous

    I love Chips and BWD! Those two post fantastic photos of our POTUS/FLOTUS.

  • HarborGuy

    FakeNews...home of maroons, bafoons and idiots.

  • I tweeted out that site a few days ago... the photos are excellent, and it got tons of retweets, I'm happy to say. Just great stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Laffy, here is President BHO still working hard for us: (President Barack Obama speaks at a memorial service at Missouri Southern State University for the victims of the tornado that devastated Joplin)