Michele Bachmann's money-bomb fail


Maybe another bright-- and clearly more capable-- teenager will challenge Michele Bachmann to a money-off. They'd win hands down.

Via TPM:

At time of writing Thursday morning, the counter on Bachmann's campaign site indicates that she has raised...$165,151, far short of the $240,000 goal.

Compare that to Mitt Romney, who recently staged a one-day fundraising bonanza, utilizing a nationwide phone bank, which took in a whopping $10.25 million.

Oof! Well, maybe she can ask Sarah Palin-- who may very well cut into her donations if they both were to run-- to divvy up her take, since she's more, er, accomplished at that money thing:

During an interview on CNN's "John King, USA," Bachmann said, "My decision will be independent of whichever candidate gets in. I have great respect for Governor Palin, I consider her a friend, and if she gets in, she gets in."

"That won't impact whether I get in or not," Bachmann asserted.

Oh pleaseohpleaseohplease, let them both run. Think of the debates.