VIDEO- The Big Fix: A Film that Exposes the Biggest Environmental Coverup Ever


Trailer for the documentary on the oil disaster; the film premiered at Cannes 2011:

One reviewer, Stuart Smith, says:

It’s a brilliant piece of work, exceeding all hype and expectation. The audience at the screening I attended was completely blown away by both the stunning cinematography and the jaw-dropping evidence that the BP spill involved a coverup at the highest levels of the industry, the military and the Obama Administration.



Hugh Kaufman, (senior policy analyst with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response) said to me (sarcastically) in an email:

Thank God NRDC is still in the Gulf and telling us what is REALLY going on down there.

And he also sent this:

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration is standing by its declaration that the Gulf of Mexico seafood is safe to eat, but for the first time it’s warning anglers that some fish are sick and may pose health problems if handled or eaten raw.