Kirsten Gillibrand, Barney Frank: President Obama may endorse marriage equality before the 2012 election


How nice to treat you to some great news, via The Wonk Room. From an interview with the Advocate’s Andrew Harmon:

HARMON: So I’d have to pose the same question for President Obama. Do you think it’s possible that he could come out in support of marriage equality


HARMON:…before the 2012 election?

GILLIBRAND: Definitely... [He] shows a shift in his willingness to use the power of the White House — the power of the administration — to change public perception and to change policy.

So I think we could get a very strong public statement out of him.

And this:

...Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) seemed to agree, telling a small group of activists, “This is just my intuition, but I think the President will be supportive of marriage in the states that offer it before the 2012 election.”

I can't jump up and down quite yet, or maybe I will on just one foot, but this is still promising stuff. I just hope it isn't wishful thinking.

H/t: Greg Ostravich