John Ensign: Sex, Lies and His "C Street" Family


Your daily dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

[T]here has been rather understated corporate media discussion of the role of the "C Street" family in the infamous sexual activities of Ensign. [...]

But as information emerged awhile back about the ongoing sexual relationship - amid charges of payoffs and other ethical violations and illegalities - evidence also strongly suggested the role of Ensign's "C Street" "Christian colleagues" in helping him cover up the affair.

Most notably, arch-conservative and "family values" "C Street" resident Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn... and then Rick Santorum...

Other members of the "C Street" house that is part of the cult known as "The Family" also played roles in covering up the Ensign sexual scandal. Included in this group were the sons of Douglas Coe, the guru founder of "The Family."

When those in power who belong to "The Family" believe that they have a divine mandate to lead the masses, it apparently gives them a license to participate in a cover-up of what appears to be, according to the Senate Ethics Committee, both illegal and unethical behavior of the most "disturbing" kind. [...]

Along with Ensign's hideous actions, we should not forget the sex, lies and alleged accomplices in the "C Street" family.

Please read the whole thing here.

  • Anonymous

     I sincerely hope Tom Coburn pays a dear price for his involvement in the Ensign affair.  These C Street sleazes should be tarred and feathered for their hypocrisy.

  • Sally

     If Sarah Palin were male, she'd be right in there with them..God talks to me, therefore I am right. I'm guessing none of these self-righteous creeps is ever sorry, either, except that they were caught. Don't they wonder why the rest of their colleagues condemn their behavior; why they lose their cushy jobs? Or is it, that deep down, they know they are wrong? Nah.

  •  I read the book about "The Family" a few years back. I could understand their twisted sense of Christianity, their evident hatred of anything that smacks of socialism/communism or how Yahweh wants power in the hands of strong men to do his "divine" will.

    But what utterly terrified me about these people is how they justify it. If you're in a position of power, then Yahweh put you there, and therefore nothing you do is wrong. Want to have sex with a woman like David did with Bathsheba? Go for it. Be a dictator and kill your people? According to the Family, clearly Yahweh wanted you to do it.

    Everything is justified under these ideas, and it's exactly the "I am good because I am good and what I do is good because I am good" attitude that lead to people like President Bush declaring that "When the United States does it, it isn't torture."

    Evil is evil no matter who does it. And when people like those in the Family cloak it under religious justification, it makes us all (even the nonbelievers like me) the poorer in spirit for it.

  •  I can only say this. while viewing Rachel Maddow, she was very good at exposing C Street, and how they front as Christians. They are tax exempt in Washington, DC. Hypocrites #Fakes