VIDEO- Condoleezza Rice: "Don [Rumsfeld] doesn't know what he's talking about."


According to Condi Rice, it's a good thing President Obama still relies on the Bush administration leftovers:

"There's a lot of continuity in the policies pursued."

Clearly Prez O could never have accomplished something as huge as the demise of Osama Bin Laden without GW's meticulous organizing and masterful plans, setting the stage for the whole operation. See, Bush had to make some “very, very hard calls that frankly helped to set this up,” see.

How can we ever thank BushCo. Oh I know. Prosecute.

Regarding Don't Ask, Don't Tell, George Bush was, you know, too busy to tend to important stuff like that:

"Well, President Bush had a lot on his plate."

Yeah, like souffle.

But President Obama was still able to handle the enormity of finding and killing Bin Laden, because he only had a measly couple of things on his plate, like cleaning up the economic disaster that BushCo saddled him with; Bush's wars; Bush's huge deficits; Bush's Great Recession; Bush's unemployment numbers; Bush's torture policies; Bush's alienation of the entire world... for starters.

Oh, and let's not forget Rummy. Condi's just a tad irked at him:

"Don doesn't know what he's talking about."

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    Here's my thoughts on the whole Bin Laden thing.

    Republicans continually squawk that "Clinton let Bin Laden get away". I will
    give them that. But the question is, why then,did they ignore Clintons
    intelligent people who were "running around with their hair on fire" warning
    that the attack on the USS Cole would not be the last attack by Bin Laden?

    Why after getting over 50 PDB's warning of eminent Al Qaida attacks within
    the US did Bush do nothing to stop Bin Laden? Bush did nothing to pursue an
    organization that actually successfully attacked a US Battleship.

    In the nine months before the September 11 attacks, Bush received over 50
    PDB's, including the famous, "Bin Laden determined to strike in US" that
    detailed the possible hijacking of US passenger planes.
    Why did Bush's Terror Task Force meet only one time. Why weren't our
    governmental agencies put on high alert and our airline companies

    On the day of the attack, over some of the most populated US cities and over
    our US capital, four large body, fully fueled, passenger jets took off for
    European destinations from east coast airports.
    Those jets detoured from their assigned
    flight plans and headed back towards the US. They flew irregular flight paths
    and their pilots did not inform or contact any flight controllers and give
    reasons for their actions.
    I wonder what would have happened if those
    flight traffic controllers had been warned by the Bush Terror Task Force about
    possible hijackings of US planes. Would they have made the connection? Would
    passengers been made to empty their pockets searching for possible weapons
    before boarding their flights? We will never know because of George Bush's
    So today Republicans are all in twitter over
    killing Bin Laden in his home.
    Passengers flying to Europe may debate that
    on their flights to Europe, people working in their high rise office
    buildings may debate that around their water coolers and when they get done
    debating they will go home to their families. Unlike the people who were flying
    to Europe or working in the Twin Towers on September 11 some years back.
    The  President Obama did not ignore his
    Presidential Daily Brief.
    He did something in advance that did not
    involving starting a war, chest thumping or challenging terrorists to "bring em'
    on" from the safety of the Oval Office.President Obama eleminated a terrorist who would, without a doubt attack this nation again.For Republicans it is better to worry, fret and blame others about possible threats and disasters rather than do anything to prevent them.
    So after a complete and utter failure to
    protect our citizens the Republicans are still shamelessly "asking Mrs. Lincoln
    how she liked the play".